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The Bed & Breakfast Sweet Dreams is located in Asolo, from the latin asylum, refuge, privileged residence chosen by those who wish to soothe troubles, living in peace, creating… as happened to Eleonora Duse, who here she retired, left the scenes, at 51. Enclose in a few lines pleasure of a visit to Asolo, “rare city of houses that speak” (Manlio Brusatin) is impossible. For a visit to the city you can start from central square, today named after Garibaldi, with the ancient fountain dominated by the lion of St. Mark.
Yet in the surroundings of Asolo there are many cities to visit:


Asolo is an Italian town of 9.290 in the province of Treviso and is part of the Club of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The fortress is the symbol of the city, located at the top of Mount Ricco. The irregular polygon structure dates back to the end of the 12th century and the beginning of the 13th century.
The castle was the palace of Caterina Cornaro, today it contains the Eleonora Duse theater.

Possagno and the Canova Temple

The Temple rises high over the inhabited area of Possagno with its white mole that stands out clearly against a background still green. The tourist who arrives at Possagno, from whatever direction he comes, sees it solemn, on a hill, at the foot of the mountains.
In the imposing neoclassical construction, three inspiring elements stand out: the Doric colonnade (which recalls the Parthenon of Athens), the central body (similar to the Roman Pantheon) and the apse in an elevated position as in the ancient Christian basilicas.

Maser and Villa Barbaro

Villa Barbaro in Maser (Treviso) is a Venetian villa, built by Andrea Palladio between 1554 and 1560 for Daniele Barbaro, and his brother Marcantonio Barbaro, ambassador of the Republic of Venice, transforming the old medieval palace owned by the family into a splendid country house suitable for the study of the arts and intellectual contemplation, decorated with a cycle of frescoes that represents one of Paolo Veronese’s masterpieces. The villa complex, which also includes a Palladian temple, has been added by UNESCO in 1996 – together with other Palladian villas in the Veneto region – on the list of world heritage sites.


Known for the bridge of Bassano over Brenta river, called Ponte Vecchio or Ponte degli Alpini. The history of the bridge began long time ago, it was built in 1209. This structure was definitively overwhelmed by the floods of the river in October 1567. Andrea Palladio in 1569 designed a new bridge, initially proposing a completely different project from the previous one, that is to three stone arches on the model of the ancient Roman bridges (copying the contemporary project of the Ponte sul Tesina). The city council ditched the project, requiring the architect not to deviate too much from the traditional structure.

So in the summer 1569 Palladio returned to a project on structure in wood, in such a way that its elasticity was able to counteract the impetuosity of the Brenta river, but of great visual impact. The bridge it rested on 4 triangular wooden pylons, aligned to the flow of water, and was covered by a roof, supported by columns Tuscan; This bridge since ancient times was the way of main communication between Bassano and Vicenza. Still in 1748 the bridge he was overwhelmed by a flood; it was then rebuilt three years later by Bartolomeo Ferracina.


Located a few kilometers from Venice, the province of Treviso is an extraordinary combination of landscapes, art, history, nature, hospitality and good food, able to make the traveler fall in love and stay in the heart of those who travel through the scenarios. Scenarios that change continuously, passing from the harmony of the plains to the hills of the Treviso Pre-Alps, from the soft Prosecco hills to the woods of Montello and Cansiglio, through large and small cities, which make the territory of the “Gioiosa et Amorosa” Brand a mosaic of beauties to be discovered.

Castelfranco Veneto

Castelfranco Veneto is a town of 33.707 inhabitants located in a central position between the Veneto capitals of Treviso, Padua and Vicenza, is a walled city with a medieval castle in excellent condition. The birthplace of Giorgione, it preserves the ancient residence, Casa Giorgione, and, in a chapel of the Duomo, the famous Castelfranco Altarpiece.